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Papaya Natural Handmade Soap

Papaya Natural Handmade Soap

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You thought papaya is just a delicious fruit? Think again!

At Ecobars, we have made our own papaya soap that rocks a host of fabulous benefits for your skin. This fruit has potent exfoliating properties, which help remove dead skin cells and revitalise dry and/or flaky skin.

Papaya soap is also loaded with enzymes that could leave you with lightened and brighter skin. When combined with water and glycerine, this soap becomes super useful to reduce skin pigmentation too.

Papaya soap is special because our recipe harnesses the fruit’s papain content, which can accelerate protein breakdowns when combined with water. Once you use this soap regularly, it could also lighten up dark spots and freckles on your skin apart from minimising scars, pimples and acne.

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The Benefits of Papaya Soap by Ecobars

Repair Ageing Skin

Papaya has tremendous potential to reverse ageing of your skin because of its natural qualities to repair, hydrate and exfoliate skin. Papaya is famously known as a natural anti-wrinkle remedy too because of its papain enzyme which helps maintain collagen resulting in younger looking, healthy skin.

Complexion Booster

It is a well-known fact now that carotenoids are vital for skin to stay smooth, young and supple. In fact, carotenoids also combat and reduce wrinkles. Carotenoids are part of a family of antioxidants like beta lutein, carotene, lycopene and more. They are also a valuable source of Vitamins A, C and E. All of these put together ensure your skin complexion looks healthy, bright and young.

100% natural

We totally believe in treating our skin with utmost care and giving it the best of nutrients for it to stay healthy, look wonderful and feel confident. That is why we make our Papaya soaps with the best natural and healthy ingredients that we know of. We avoid harsh chemicals, artificial fragrances or synthetic preservatives to ensure your skin receives a refreshing natural cleansing experience every time you use our Papaya soap.

Moisturising and Healing

Papaya is packed with carbohydrates, fat content and water that work together to provide much needed nutrition and hydration for your skin. Moreover, its papain enzyme is a proven healer of wounds while also playing a role in getting rid of bacteria. Papain is also known to prevent scars from becoming worse or enlarging.

Dark Spots and Skin Lightening

Papaya soap has exceptional skin lightening properties. It can lead to reducing dark spots and diminish your body’s production of melanin, which is the chief reason for the darkening of your skin. While naturally lightening your skin complexion, it also helps eliminate dark areas in your face, underarms or elbows. Papaya soap is also known to lessen skin discoloration that could be caused by scars.

100% handmade soap

The Papaya soap from Ecobars is not like any other ordinary soap available from other brands. We take extra care to use only organic Papaya extracts in our soaps to give you a fresh bath experience without compromising on all the wonderful benefits of papaya.

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