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Orange Peel Natural Handmade Soap

Orange Peel Natural Handmade Soap

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While most people love the delicious orange fruit, its peel is usually discarded. Well, that need not be the case anymore because orange peel offers a host of benefits for your skin!

The bitter orange peel contains important nutrients for your skin. It’s rich in vitamin C, calcium, B vitamins and zinc. Together, they protect your skin from UV damage and keep it glowing and healthy. In fact, the orange peel is the healthiest part of the entire orange fruit, which is why we have made a lush soap out of it!

Our orange peel soap aims to harness the skin whitening properties of orange peel and is believed to be effective in reducing acne scars. It also has excellent anti-inflammation abilities—it permeates membranes and heals inflammation.

By helping to rectify dead cells, blemishes and blackheads, our orange peel soap clears your skin and keeps it bright and well nourished.

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The Benefits of Orange Peel Soap by Ecobars

Glowing Skin

Orange peel is an easy source of antioxidants and multiple nutrients like magnesium, calcium, vitamin C and potassium. Our orange peel soap recipe aims at utilising all of them to protect your skin from free radicals and renew dead cells. Regular use of this soap prevents oxidative stress and keeps your skin young, healthy and glowing.

Combat Acne & Wrinkles

The magnesium in Orange peel soap is considered a vital weapon in dealing with acne, wrinkles, blackheads and scars. It improves your skin’s overall appearance by controlling sebum production, which causes acne. Magnesium is also required for the enzymes that deal with DNA repair, which in turn fight skin wrinkling and free radical damage.

100% natural

We totally believe in treating our skin with utmost care and giving it the best of nutrients for it to stay healthy, look wonderful and feel confident. That is why we make our Orange Peel soaps with the best natural and healthy ingredients that we know of. We avoid harsh chemicals, artificial fragrances or synthetic preservatives to ensure your skin receives a refreshing natural cleansing experience every time you use our Orange Peel soap.

Skin Moisturising

The calcium content in orange peel is useful to help your skin retain moisture and combat dry skin. Calcium is also known to help regulate the generation of new skin cells and fight premature aging. Orange peel also contains potassium that has tremendous ability to hydrate your skin. Combined with its calcium, orange peel becomes a potent moisturiser for your skin.


Orange peel is a natural source of Vitamin C, which is an antioxidant that protects your skin by restricting the generation of skin cell damaging free radicals. Vitamin C increases collagen production, which helps to reduce wrinkles, tighten and repair your skin. Consequently, your skin will end up bright, youthful and healthy. Our orange peel soap defends your skin from negative sun damage, keeping it strong with a well-toned complexion.

100% handmade soap

The Orange Peel soap from Ecobars is not like any other ordinary soap available from other brands. We take extra care to use only organic Orange Peel extracts in our soaps to give you a fresh bath experience without compromising on all the wonderful benefits of Orange Peel.

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