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Cucumber Natural Handmade Soap

Cucumber Natural Handmade Soap

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According to the ‘Cambridge World History of Food’, cucumber has been used at least since the 19th century as an ingredient in soaps and other cosmetics—and with good reasons too!

The extracts from cucumbers are lush with Vitamins A, B, C, D and E apart from manganese minerals, beta-carotene and polyhydroxyphenols. All of them combine to strengthen the structural components of your skin, enabling it to retain its youthfulness while also functioning as an effective antioxidant.

Cucumber naturally refreshes and cools your skin and can be an effective means of alleviating acne, inflammations and blemishes. Cucumber also plays an important role in protecting your skin cells from damage caused by free radicals.

At Ecobars, our extra special cucumber soap recipe ensures the high levels of water content of cucumber is retained to keep your skin hydrated for long hours.

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The Benefits of Cucumber Soap by Ecobars

Glowing skin

Cucumber is a brilliant natural ingredient to heal a number of skin challenges like acne, inflammations, blemishes and free radicals. It ensures your skin stays healthy, young and resilient. Because of its natural cooling properties, cucumber can act as a natural toner and astringent too. It also helps remove excess oiliness, which results in glowing skin. 

Healing & Anti-aging

Cucumber can be used as a natural bleaching agent, which makes it an effective tool to combat skin tanning, sunburn and scars. It is known to smoothen out skin complexion while acting as a restoring agent that firms up your skin. The manganese and potassium present in cucumber are useful in reversing signs of ageing (e.g. fine lines, under eye bags and wrinkles). The cooling properties of cucumber are also of great benefit when dealing with dark circles, puffy eyes and dullness of skin.

100% natural

We totally believe in treating our skin with utmost care and giving it the best of nutrients for it to stay healthy, look wonderful and feel confident. That is why we make our soaps with the best natural and healthy ingredients that we know of. We avoid harsh chemicals, artificial fragrances or synthetic preservatives to ensure your skin receives a refreshingly natural treatment every time you use our soap.


Apart from skincare, cucumber has excellent benefits for your hair too. Its nutrients like potassium, calcium, sulphur and silicon are known to look after hair growth. In fact, cucumber extracts are believed to provide a glowing and luscious appearance to your hair keeping it healthy, shiny and silky.

Handle open pores and cellulites

Cucumber extracts have the ability to absorb heat causing a cooling effect on your skin that helps to close open skin pores and treat heat bumps. If you are struggling with cellulite on your thighs, cucumber could be your best friend here too! You see, cucumber is rich in phytochemicals that help in the production of collagen, which is the fiber-like protein responsible for removing cellulites.

100% handmade soap

The Cucumber soap from Ecobars is not like any other ordinary soap available from other brands. We take extra care to use only organic cucumber extracts in our soaps to give you a fresh bath experience without compromising on all the wonderful benefits of cucumber.

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1 review for Cucumber Natural Handmade Soap

  1. K raji

    Hi I purchased your cucumber hand made soap, was very much satisfied. It gives a fresh feel and my skin feels better while using it regularly. Thank you.

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